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The New local CBD company - Real Cannabis Club

Meet the new local CBD startup, Real Cannabis Club. Derry born Founder of RCC Phil Patterson is a believer in the power of natural medicine. Having watched the growth and dependence upon pharmaceuticals in our society, Phil and a couple of friends decided to create an alternative, Real Cannabis Club.

Creating RCC (, the guys aim to help end the stigma surrounding cannabis and educate people on the wellness and health benefits of using such products. CBD products are full spectrum from the cannabis plant, but crucially, with TCH (the psychoactive compound that gets you "high" removed). 

Real Cannabis Club stock a range of premium CBD oils, balms and capsules as well as a range of apparel. Hand Cream is a new addition to their product portfolio!

We recommend giving the products from RCC a try - they can be used for a range of things including sleep quality, pain alleviation, exercise recovery and overall wellness. Produced here in Derry, this local startup prides themselves on the quality of their product with all products being lab tested and customers given access to the exact composition of their product - so you can buy with total confidence. Check out their website here, socials here, and support your local CBD Club!



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