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We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions as and when they are subject to amendment. We will notify cardholders by uploading the most recent version to our website.

  • Owning an Independent Derry Card entitles you to a membership for 1 full year, beginning on the date on which the card was purchased. Digital Card subscriptions made via the app will automatically renew on the expiry date shown at the bottom of the card.

  • The card is only valid until and including the expiry month printed on the front of it.

  • The discounts advertised on our website are not available in conjunction with any other offer within participating businesses unless the business says so.

  • Participating businesses reserve the right to refuse the Independent Derry Card on the basis should they doubt its validity.

  • We are not liable to provide a replacement Independent Derry Card in the event it is dispossessed of, is lost or damaged.

  • We strain to update our website and social media channels as quickly as we can and as accurately as possible.

  • Independent Derry and participating businesses are not liable for discounts that are outdated or misinformation that may appear online or on printed material as this information may have been based on previous discounts.

  • The information we present online is used for informative purposes only and the images are for illustration purposes only. We do not make any warranty or guarantee of any material on this site.

  • We are not liable for the withdrawal of any participating businesses and Independent Derry cardholders can benefit of additional participating businesses which may sign up at a later date.

  • Independent Derry directors and other representatives will not be liable for damages that could occur through connection with the Independent Derry Card.

  • We are not liable for the welfare of Independent Derry cardholders or the experience that occurs at participating businesses. 

  • Independent Derry aim to work as closely as possible with participating businesses. However it is the responsibility of the management team of the particular business to ensure all staff are fully briefed about accepting the card in their premises. Independent Derry and it's personnel accepts no responsibility or liability if this is not done sufficiently.

  • Independent Derry encourages all cardholders to drink responsibly and adhere to all licensing guidelines and objectives under the ‘Drink Aware Campaign’. We take no responsibility for individuals who fail to take this advice.

  • On occasion, we may fail to enforce one of the above terms and conditions depending on the given circumstances; however this will not prevent us from subsequently enforcing them in the future.

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