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Meet Jennifer Juniper & The Mad Hatters Curiosity Shop.

ANOTHER NEW CARD ADDITION... Everyone meet Jennifer Juniper and The Mad Hatter's Curiosity Shop. Two independent traders opening their doors only one month ago, operating under the one roof. Another hidden gem in an area of the city that is up and coming with independent shops and cafes. (You will find these guys tucked away in through the big red gates just past Bishop’s Gate Hotel).

If you’ve got an eye for 70’s and 80’s fashion, quirky accessories, unique collectables and bric-á-brac, then look no further. At Jennifer Juniper you will find a range of pre-loved clothing, accessories, and local handmade products. On the other side of the shop at Mad Hatter’s you will find a room predominately filled with bric-á-brac and stunning collectables. Across both independents there are endless hidden treasures to be found. Cardholders can now get 10% off EVERYDAY. Make sure to pop in to this little warm and welcoming shop & support two of the newest independents on the scene in our city. Get your card online now, £10.00, valid for 1 year. #IndependentDerry #SupportLocal

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