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Our second blog post as part of our alphabet blogging challenge. We couldn't narrow C down to just one word. So we're going to condense coffee, cocktails and craft beer into this one before moving onto the D's and E's in our next blog. 


If Derry is good for one thing, it's coffee, independent coffee shops are popping up all over the place. We are quite literally spoilt for choice and the coffee culture in the city is bigger than ever. 

Where to go with your card for a coffee date can be a tough decision to make. You can't possibly do them all in the one day and we wouldn't want you to over do it with your caffeine consumption for the day either. We'll start along the Quay where there are two independents you can visit for a cuppa.

The Limeleaf Cafe offer cardholders 10% off Mon-Thus, their coffee is sourced from 3fe in Dublin and it tastes like heaven. A second spot along the Quay for coffee is of course Primrose Cafe. When you show your Independent Derry Card at Primrose you can get yourself a FREE tea or coffee with every purchase. Buy yourself a bun, get a free coffee. Simple. (This offer is also available to cardholders at Primrose Carlisle Road).

Moving along, up towards the Guildhall and along the Derry Walls. You can stop by The Scullery, The Pickled Duck Cafe or St Jude Eatery in the Yellow Yard. All cafes offer 10% off.  At The Scullery and The Pickled Duck Cafe you can get your discount Mon-Thurs, and 10% off everyday at St Jude's! And if you're venturing outside of the city centre (which we recommend you do just to try this place), make it your mission to visit the Lazy Gardeners Cafe. A hidden gem tucked away in Campsie offering 10% off Mon-Wed to cardholders.


You either love cocktails or you just simply drink them to get that standard 'cocktails with the girls' picture for social media, either way, your Independent Derry card can help you fulfil the perfect cocktail picture. With your card you can get not one, but TWO cocktails for a tenner at both Timber Quay and the Sooty Olive Restaurant. Two restaurants who never fail to amaze us with their outstanding food and their detail and skill to making a great cocktail. From French Martini's, Espresso Martini's, Pornstar Martini's and other cocktails that aren't martini's.. 2 for £10.00 is an offer too good to ignore. 

Once you're done with two for £10.00 offer, you can continue sipping cocktails at Guildhall Taphouse and Brickwork, another two independents who have mastered their cocktail list. 10% off Mon-Thurs with your card. 

PS, please do drink responsibly...


The craft beer scene in our city has slowly but surely erupted. Craft beer is something that has taken off rapidly in other cities with lots of people having a taste for beers that are brewed close to to home and taking part in beer tours such as Sipp Up In A Brewery which gives you the opportunity to spend the day visiting local breweries around the city and sip on several beers at the same time.  

If you are a craft beer lover, you will be glad to know you can in fact get discount on a number of craft beers at Guildhall Taphouse and Grand Central bar (10% Mon-Turs) with your card. From Northbound to Kinnegar and their very own home brewed beer Dopey Dick, which comes in a lager & a pale ale and actually got its name from a funny little story you might remember about a whale who got stuck in the River Foyle, and got himself the name Dopey Dick... One for the tourists.

Walled City Brewery, another fantastic independent where your card can be used. Almost every tap in Walled City Brewery pours a beer that has been brewed in the exact same building. Which is what makes this place so unique. Not many places can say they have 6 or 7 of their very own beers on tap! 10% off Mon-Wed with your card.

Get your card online here. Or, pick one up from RoCo Hair, Guildhall Taphouse, The Pickled Duck Cafe, Spaghetti Junction, Yellowmoon Clothing, St Jude Eatery or The Tourist Information Centre.

£10.00, valid for 1 year. Discounts & offers in 46 independents.

Get rewarded for shopping local. 

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