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This marks the first blog of our A-Z blog challenge that we've set ourselves. We've jotted down card related words for each letter of the alphabet have decided to write a series of blogs, taking you through the A-Z of using your Independent Derry Card. Short and sweet, yet informing you on all the wonderful places your card can be used.

Will we make it to the letter X? It seems so far away. Who knows. We'll try anyways..

Here's A-C. With more C's to follow in the next blog, it seems there were too many C related words to post in one blog.


Art can be nice to look at, make our homes and office spaces look less boring and also be very therapeutic if you're actually the one creating the art. You're Independent Derry Card can get you discount in 3 arty independents.

- DERRY NICE THINGS - an Independent business creating digitally illustrated wall art of iconic places around our beautiful city. Images of Shipquay Street and Brooke Park are our current favourites. The perfect purchase to bring your walls to life. 10% off at the Walled City Markets.

- UV ARTS - a graffiti & street art shop based in the Playhouse Theatre where you can get the spray paints and other art supplies needed to bring out your creative side. Or not so creative side... These guys also hold a lot of workshops for the youth in our community and create amazing graffiti projects alongside them, keep an eye out for their work around the city. 10% off products in-store.

- WE DO ART - Based at the bottom of Great James' Street. This independent provides a bespoke framing service. They print art, frame art, sell art, mount art and you cardholders can get 10% off all this art every day too.


B is for butcher shop. And who doesn't love a good butcher shop? Locally sourced meat, lots of it, and at a great price too. Hegarty's Butchers on William Street offer 10% off to cardholders (excl products already on offer). Meat galore, and plenty of good old Sirloin Steaks, go get em!


If you're about town, be sure to let your card take you in through the gates of the Craft Village. A tiny village, in the middle of the city centre. Random, but unique and full of hidden independent gems.

SASS & HALO - This is one of the newest independent craft shops to open it's doors in the Craft Village. If you haven't heard of Sass & Halo by now, where have you been? Under a rock?... Almost everyone is wearing a Sass & Halo crown on their heads and each and every one is beautifully handmade in one of the prettiest shops in the Craft Village. 10% off every day with your card. (excl bridal orders).

BLUE MOON - One of the first shops you'll spot as you enter the Craft Village, and a shop that has created an atmosphere of calmness and tranquillity for customers as soon as they walk through the door. Think jewellery, clothing, candles, incense, wind-chimes, mirrors and more. 10% off every day with your card.

We're going to leave it at ABC for today. More alphabet blogs over the next few weeks.

Get your Independent Derry Card now online. Discounts & offers in 45 independents around the city.

Cards can also be purchased at RoCo, Guildhall Taphouse, The Pickled Duck Cafe, St Jude Eatery, Spaghetti Junction, Yellowmoon Clothing or The Tourist Information Centre.

When you spend locally, up to 70% of every pound goes back into Derry's economy. This is why shopping at our independents is so important.

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