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The Yellow Yard really is a hidden gem. You won't find it doing your usual shopping trip around the city centre. You will need to walk a little bit further to find this place, just off the Derry Walls.

Located on Palace street, you will find what was once the old McCandless shirt factory and what has now been transformed into The Yellow Yard. It is a place that defines the word 'quirky' for us, using old furniture from the factory to hold vinyl and books, little wooden tables and chairs for you to sit at, and basically just creating an overall vintage vibe from the moment you walk in. As you approach this place you will see a little yard with plants, a few seats and the most welcoming people you will meet.

There are not one, or even two, but FOUR independent businesses under the one roof in this place. You will definitely be amazed as you enter The Yellow Yard (just like we were) and probably won't quite know where to look first... This place is filled with vintage clothes, book packed shelves, a massive selection of quirky gifts / crafts, a huge selection of vinyl, tasty vegan food and great coffee too. We're going to suggest setting aside quite a few hours when you go to visit The Yellow Yard, you'll need it if you want to browse through all the wonderful things they have to offer!

The Yellow Yard is probably one of the few places, if not the only place in Derry, where you can grab a coffee and and browse through rails of vintage clothes at the same time. At St Jude Coffee, you can expect homemade cakes, scones, vegan food and lemonade. Surrounded by rails of clothing that make up the vintage clothing shop called TRUNK, it'll be hard to not spot something that you'll want to try on. As you move away from TRUNK, still with a St Jude coffee in hand, you'll find yourself emerged in books upon books. This business is known as Little Acorns Bookstore and they have over 15,000 books, both old and new! So, if you're a bookworm you will obviously find yourself in book heaven here...

Moving along to the next independent trader that is Abbazappa Record Shop, you will come across a sea of vinyl. In fact, Abbazappa Record Shop holds the largest selection of vinyl in Northern Ireland. The records available here cover all genres of music, old music and new music, old vinyl and new vinyl. And if you can't quite find what you are looking for, Ben the guy who owns this business will be more than happy search high and low for it, whether it is searching the shop or ordering it in from somewhere else, you'll be sure to get the vinyl that you are so desperately seeking. As well as being lucky enough to have the largest selection of vinyl in Northern Ireland on our doorstep, at Abbazappa Record Shop you can also bag yourself vintage record players, posters of your favourite bands / artists / vinyl artwork and lots of cool Abbazappa merchandise too.

And finally, just a few steps away from Abbazappa Record Shop, we have Little Blue World. When you step into Little Blue World, well it really is like being in another world. Only it's not just Blue, it's one bursting with colour and endless handmade creations. Everything about this independent business is creative, vibrant and unique and it is certain to put a smile on your face as soon as you lay eyes on all the wonderful, and what some might call 'eccentric' products that are on offer. You will find cushions, clocks, cups, dream catchers, lampshades, teapots, bath bombs, jewellery... the list is endless!

So, if you're now planning your trip to The Yellow Yard, they are open Tuesday - Saturday from 10 am until 5.30 pm. Pop in and say hello to a lovely bunch of people and their 4 inspiring, independent businesses. If you aren't too sure where The Yellow Yard is located, just visit our website and hit the 'Locate Us' button on the St Jude Coffee section.

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P.S If you've got yourself an Independent Derry card, you can also use it at The Yellow Yard and get 10% off at St Jude Coffee & TRUNK everyday (yay!) If you haven't got yourself a card, they are available to buy at St Jude's too, £7.00, valid for 1 year.

Get your card now & #supportlocal.

(Also available to buy at RoCo Hair, Spaghetti Junction, Yellowmoon Clothing, The Pickled Duck Cafe or online).

Independent Derry. X

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