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RoCo Hair is one of those businesses that doesn't really need a massive introduction. We are certain that you all know who they are down to the vast success this independent business has had. Roco, an independent salon based along the Quay in Derry, has achieved a lot of wonderful things since opening its doors in 2011. It could be said that this is because they have created a team that excels in all that they do within the hair, makeup and fashion industry.

If you haven't been to RoCo before, then you are missing out on a salon with class, five star customer service, and a team of people with an insane amount of knowledge in hairdressing. The two owners Ronan & Conor created an eco salon and stuck to this ethos even when they were forced to relocate from their old premises on the Strand Road to their new premises down along the Quay due to fire damage. However, this fortunately worked in their favour, they returned with a brand new spanking salon that looks 10 out of 10 and is doing business better than ever. Everything about the salon is organic. The furniture, the packaging, the products... you name it, and it probably has some kind of organic root to it. So if you love a healthy environment as well as a healthy hairdo, Roco has got that all covered.

As well as an organic salon, Roco have created their own organic product range. From different shades of organic tans to many organic hair products. Everything they have created uses natural ingredients and is made locally within labs in Ireland. This is what makes them stand out among other places. When you go to RoCo you can expect the full RoCo experience, from the minute you walk in the door and are seated at a refurbished workstation to the moment the stylist is adding the finishing touches to your hair using their very own organic product range. And may we add you can even buy their products for yourself so you can continue to use them after your visit to the salon.

Since opening the new salon, awards have been something RoCo have been proudly accepting. All the hard work and talent that exists within this independent business does not go unnoticed and that's for sure. The salon was recently listed one of the leading salons in the world only a few weeks ago. And not only that, they are the first salon from Northern Ireland to make it onto this prestigious list. What an achievement!

Next we need to mention a new project that RoCo have created with the help of another local business, Gradon Architechture. These guys have previously worked together back when RoCo were fitting out their new premises along the waterfront. But this time it was to do with something quite different... You're probably wondering how a hairdresser and an architect can collaborate unless it's to build a new salon. Well, it was actually to create new hairstyles. And it's called Hairchitect. This is a new modern outlook on hairdressing inspired by Dame Zaha Hadid (a late architect). Hairchitect involves using artistic techniques, dimensions and angles from both the hairdresser and the architect to create a bespoke hair design with curves rather than straight lines. Also, the look of the hair on the outside differs from that on the inside, just as the outside and inside of a building would differ. The link below shows a little more about this exciting project and what seems to be a very innovative step in hairdressing by RoCo...

If you're reading this and think your hair is in need of some TLC then you can find RoCo down along the quay opening from Monday right through until Saturday. If you go on a Saturday you can expect some good music from local DJs, which can only get you in the mood for a Saturday night. To book an appointment with a stylist you can do so online on their website or call them up on 02871366333.

We have left something out of this blog on purpose, as we think it deserves a write up of its own sometime soon. RoCo Brew Bar. Another independent business living up to the organic standards by the guys who started RoCo, and it's based right beside RoCo Hair too. Anyways, if you're a lover of coffee like ourselves here at Independent Derry then you'll enjoy our write up on RoCo brew bar.

Bye for now.

Independent Derry. X

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