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Revolve Comics have been around since January, and ever since they began, they have been doing more than just crafting comics. In fact, they're prrreetty busy guys, and talented ones too. We had a little chat with the founder of Revolve Comics, Danny. And what a nice guy he was.

Danny has always had a passion for comics, he has continuously been involved with this type of creative work and now he has began his own creative business venture, calling it Revolve Comics. At Revolve Comics they produce lots of stuff. If you love comics, collect comics, read comics or just simply want to look at the pictures then Revolve Comics produce material for whatever your comic needs are. We think the creativity and vivid imaginations used here deserve some recognition, so that's what we're here to do.

Their most recent comic is called 'Solstic' and is one that has had many great reviews already. This comic is a Celtic / Norse fantasy story involving a young girl who has to live up to her family's legacy and bring order to a world where there are several gods and where an eternal winter exists. We have had a little read of this comic and think we've been converted into comic book geeks! As well as having a story that grasps the readers attention, we like how Revolve Comics have kept it basic using two colours predominately throughout the comic that tie in with the theme of the story. And we are told this story is only the first of five comic book chapters!

When talking to Danny we found out that as well as making fictional comics based on superheros and surreal worlds, they wanted to create comics with a meaning behind them, based on real life events. This is something that stemmed from working closely with an ill patient. Danny had the pleasure of working with a patient, who during their time in hospital found a passion for comics, and so Danny began helping this patient create their very own comic. Unfortunately the patient passed away before the comic was complete, but Danny kindly carried on with the project so that family and friends would always have it, almost like a legacy to that person. This is something that we really admired when talking to Danny. It is projects like these that create a social impact and what makes Revolve Comics stand out, especially to our younger generation. It enables a lot of young people to read stories with a real life meaning behind them.

Another project that Revolve Comics have only just announced this week is their comic book based on type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is lesser known than type 2 and the guys who created this comic wanted to raise awareness of this. With type 1, this usually develops within young children when they are born, or at a very young age. So, Danny alongside others have went and created a type 1 Diabetes comic for children and released it this week. He say's it's about using innovative storytelling techniques, helping children understand their condition in a simpler, easy-to-read way, rather than giving them boring old textbooks. You can read this comic online here:

Alongside all this (we told you their busy guys), Danny and his team host workshops within local schools and community groups. This is where the storytellers of the future are being created. They want the people who attend these workshops to create the stories, mixing real life topics with fiction, and turning all of this their very own little comic books. These workshops are opening the eyes of the younger generation to relevant topics, unlocking their creativity and of course involving them with something that doesn't involve sitting on their electronic devices every once in a while...

In regards to businesses, Revolve Comics create marketing materials, all in a cool, quirky, comic book style way. We love this as it is quite a different take to producing marketing materials. They can create branding, logos, imagery and have done many things like this before, even for Sky at Cheltenham.

As Danny has said, we have always been learning through visuals, way back before languages or text existed. And Danny and his team are bringing this back in a new fun and innovative way. We love it. You can find Revolve Comics on Bishop Street in the Holywell Trust Offices. Also, you can find them outside the office at conventions all around the country, taking their stories and comics with them. So if you fancy speaking with Danny and his team, or buying one of their comic books you can contact them via their website: -

They are also on Facebook -@RevolveComics & Twitter too - @RevolveComics .. so go give them a like and follow to keep yourself updated with the many creative projects that they are involved with. All the best to Revolve Comics!

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