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Another year has come and gone, we said goodbye to our 2019 card and seen the launch of our stunning new fourth edition card (by Tom Cosgrove) - the card that represents a celebration of all things local with an amazing image of an Independent Derry party on Shipquay Street! We also seen MORE independent businesses join the initiative and lots of new cardholders coming on board our shop local movement.

As always, we're gonna remind you why it's so important to support small businesses in the year ahead. Here's 5 reasons as to why you should get out and support our independent scene. It's buy local or bye local.

1) You're Helping Boost Our Local Economy - When you choose to shop at a small business, you're enabling the independent scene in the city to continue to thrive and grow, you‘re helping OUR local economy. Think of it as a snowball effect. When you spend money at an independent business, they source their products and ingredients from other local businesses, the money being spent goes back into the community and ultimately this is what lets the community exist. For every £1.00 spent locally, up to 80% goes back into the local economy (not the case when you shop at chains and multinationals).

2) You're Supporting Local People - When you decide to shop at an independent business, you're supporting a local person. Someone in the city who has a passion for what they do and will be forever grateful when you you choose their independent shop, cafe, restaurant (or other) over the high street stores. It is these small businesses that aren't in it for the money, they exist because the person behind it simply has a love for what they do and has worked hard to make it their full time or part time job.

3) You're Helping Make Derry a Destination - Independent businesses make one place differ to another. Go to any city in the UK and you'll find the same huge brands within the city centre. These places get boring after a while. Why would you wanna sit in a McDonald's when you could do that in any other other city in the world. People like to experience new places when they make a trip. By using our small businesses we are enabling them to succeed, which in turn means we are helping keep our LOCAL high street alive for others to see. A vibrant one made up of independent bars, eateries, cafes and shops; places that give our city character. The more of these we have the more attractive the city becomes to those who don't live here.

4) Giving Other Entrepreneurs a Motive to Start Their Business - If we show continued support for our independent scene and encourage people to think local, then surely this will be motivation for others who have new ideas and plans to help our city grow. They might just need something to give them confidence, something that suggests small businesses in our city are loved, are doing well and can be successful.

5) Get Rewarded With The Independent Derry Card - And finally, the fifth reason you should get out and support local in 2020 is the Independent Derry card. The card rewards YOU for shopping locally. Access over 60 discounts and offers citywide. From restaurants and coffee shops to boutiques and craft shops, you'll discover all that our independents have to offer. When we first launched the card there were only 10 places on it. There are now almost 70! It makes sense to have a card if you're someone who uses independent businesses regularly. And if you don't use them all that much, the card is a great way to get you started.

You can buy an Independent Derry card online via our app or website now. £15.00 OR grab 2 for the special price of £22.00 . Valid for 1 year. That's less than 35p a week for some amazing discounts!

Also available to pick up at The Pickled Duck Cafe, Atelier Hair or Visit Derry.

Download the app here on iOS and Android. The best way to easily view the independents and the discounts available to cardholders.



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