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The Pickled Duck Evening Menu.

If The Pickled Duck Cafe know how to do one thing it’s how to make a damn good cheesecake.

But more importantly (we got distracted by the cheesecake), this weekend, the Pickled Duck are launching a new evening menu. If you’ve been here for some breakfast or lunch you’ll know they do amazing food, and we have no doubt their new evening menu will be just as great.

The evening menu will run Friday & Saturday nights. And it’s BYOB. It seems the the whole Shipquay St / Castle St area is becoming a vibrant hub with more & more places for us to wine, dine & shop. This weekend is already filling up fast at The Pickled Duck Cafe, make sure to book and get yo’self a seat.

We can’t wait to try it! #IndependentDerry #SupportLocal

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