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In Your Space Circus, a well known charity here in our city delivering workshops and events to disadvantaged areas are hosting their annual Carnival of Colours Festival in St Columbs Park, and this year marks their 10th anniversary. So, before going any further, we'd like to wish them a BIG FAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY (you're getting old)!

Carnival of Colours takes place on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th of September and it sounds like one of the most exciting, extravagant and extraordinary birthday parties ever... So, what's actually happening at the Carnival Of Colours Festival I hear you ask.

Over the Saturday and Sunday you'll get the chance to see some great international circus acts and comedy acts and watch a number of talented musicians and bands perform in circus themed tents. All with a beer in hand and hopefully the sun shining down on you face too (let us pray).

A few acts we're going to suggest going to see are firstly, Jack Wise. This guy has been described by our Carnival friends as a mix between David Blaine and Tommy Cooper, and this basically means he can do a whole lot of combined weird stuff that will make the audience gasp - and with titles under his belt such as the first ever Irish winner of the Street Performance World Championships, we'd like to think so! Comedy, magic and swallowing swords are a few of the many talents that this wonderful guy has.

Secondly, an act you must go and see is Strong Lady. She presents an exhilarating array of demonstrations of strength including tearing thick books in half with her bare hands, twisting solid metal and even snapping steel chains (we wouldn't want to mess with this lady). Your male partners might feel a little intimidated during this act when they realise there are ladies out there who are number 1 stronger than them, and number 2 can actually lift your man above their head (lol's)... Don't say we didn't warn you!

Whilst all the craziness is happening at Big Top, Quare Stretch, Big Dipper, Grassy Knoll and the Eclectic Picnic Tent, there is in fact somewhere you can go where the atmosphere changes into a serene, peaceful and calming one, and that place is the Fairy Garden. A green garden filled with peace and tranquillity where enchanting fairies and pixies exist, guiding you along a treasure trail of doorways to magical adventures. If you fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle of the park, The Fairy Garden is the place to go.

Other things happening at the festival (we're trying to squeeze a bit of everything in can you tell).. are the Arts Tent, birthday celebration parades, crafting & knitting, circus and dance workshops, performances from Belfast Community Circus School / In Your Space Circus School, activities and games, food from a number of traders including MEKONG Asian Street Food and Gourmet Burger Hut aaaand Stendhal are presenting Saturday night at the Carnival.

You may well have heard of Stendhal Festival, these guys have been going from strength to strength the past few years in putting on a Music and Arts festival in Ballymully Cottage Farm and now they're bringing an amazing night of music in collaboration with the Carnival of Colours Festival to St Columbs Park. This all kicks off at 8:45pm (Over 18s) with international and local acts taking to the stage. Keep your eyes peeled for Booka Brass Band, an 8 piece brass band who have supported the likes of Hot 8 Brass Band and Lisa Hannigan. They take songs such as 'Talk Dirty' by Jason Derulo and 'Crazy In Love' by Beyonce and create incredible covers with their shiney trumpets and saxophones. Also make sure to be part of the crowd for ROE and PORTS, two acts from our city who are doing extremely well and we just cannot wait to see live again.

Tickets for the Stendhal Presents night are available here.

The festival itself is free entry all day however all donations are encouraged and welcome for the In Your Space Charity so that they can continue doing amazing work around the city and keep putting on exciting events for everyone to enjoy. Every little helps, so give what you can whilst you're there. Also, a massive shout out to the funders and sponsors involved in this event, Derry City & Strabane District Council, Tourism NI, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, The Foyle Foundation and Joe Jacksons Ice Cream. Your contribution does not go unnoticed!

We'll be at festival ourselves in the Arts Tent so come say hello, we'll have Independent Derry Cards on sale and our lovely little Tote Bags too. Tickets for Rúnda Sessions will also be on sale at our stall if you fancy picking one up. We can't wait...



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