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We spoke with Shane, the lovely guy who runs Gourmet Burger Hut, the new little street food van you might've seen down along the Strand Road. Opening only 6 weeks ago GBH has become a popular spot to grab some breakfast and lunch whilst on the go around town.

This isn't your typical burger van, the food made here tastes as if it was made in a fine-dining restaurant, and we know exactly why. Shane has been all over the world, worked many jobs as a chef, in many different places. And now he has brought all that he knows back to Derry. Here is his story.... Shane went off to America and began his journey as a chef. Working in many different places he gained the knowledge and experience he now has within this industry. Returning to Ireland in 2006 he undertook the qualifications needed to succeed as a chef and spent another three years cooking up a storm in restaurants around Dublin. He then jetted off to South East Asia and Australia where he worked in even more restaurants before eventually coming back to his hometown, Derry. But Shane always wanted to begin his own little set-up, and this summer he took the plunge and went for it, and we like it very much. Gourmet Burger Hut as you might already know is a street food van, inspired by all that Shane has seen working as a chef around the world. He received the van off a friend in not-so-good condition and spruced it up to become his very own Gourmet Burger Hut. Opening at the beginning of this summer GBH has seen repeat custom and their burgers are the talk of the town. Especially the GBH Classic Burger, which Shane reckons is the best seller. But we quite fancy all the burgers on the menu. And did we mention Shane makes his own delicious relish too?... Also, if you're vegan, don't worry. There are several vegan options available on the menu.

All the produce used by GBH comes from other local independents such as Foyle Meats and Clooney Butchers (yay!) and tastes divine whether it's on your breakfast bap, your gourmet burger or those yummy baked potatoes that he sells as well.

You might have seen GBH at a few festivals this summer and got a taste of what the little street food van has to offer. But now as summer comes to an end we can tell you that Shane will introduce a new menu. For those dark winter mornings and dull dreary days, there will be a menu full of Winter warmers to cheer you right up. We were told to look forward to big pots of homemade soup and freshly made bread. We are dying to try it already! If you fancy popping by, which you really should do, then you can find GBH on the Strand Road (facing the Ice Wharf). Shane and his little van will be there Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm to fulfill all your breakfast and lunchtime needs. Also, if you're holding an event, throwing a party or need some catering for whatever it is you are doing, then Shane is your man. Gourmet Burger Hut is available for outside catering and we are told the little van will fit nicely in any driveway. That's it for now. A new blog next week. Independent Derry. X

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